Thursday, June 14, 2007

How to Post to your blog via email

Would you like to be able to add new posts to your blog simply by sending an email to it? A couple of people mentioned doing that today, so I thought I'd provide instructions in case anyone else would like to try it.
Posting to your blog via email

How to Set Your Time Zone

I've noticed that people have been posting REALLY early in the morning - or maybe not.

Perhaps it's just because Blogger defaults to Pacific time (Hello over there! - Not everybody lives in Silicon Valley!), so it just LOOKS like you were posting at the crack of dawn.

To change your time zone, Go into SETTINGS - then FORMATTING - then change the time zone to GMT 5:00 Eastern Time - voila !

Oh, and the time stamp on each posting is ALSO its "permanent link". Roll your mouse over it and you'll see. If you want to create a hyperlink to an exact posting, you can right click on the permanent link, click on "Copy Link Location", and then paste that into the URL for your hyperlink. Eeek! Say what? Just tuck that bit of information away for now if you'd like.
- Lesa

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Posting to this blog

To submit posts to the Tips blog, we'll need to set you up as a blog "Author". To do that, I need your Gmail address. (Example: )

Your Gmail address appears at the top of the page after you have signed in to your blog.

Please email Lesa Zuke and provide your Gmail address. The subject of your message can just be "gmail address".